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What is Project Leviathan?

Project Leviathan is an RPG Maker VX Project made by yours truly, Leventhan. The general idea of the game is rediscovering the ancient and long gone civilization of the Azure Kingdom of Atlen – while battling vicious enemies and solving intricate puzzles.The work so far has been steady, although somewhat slow.

Who am I?

I am a 16-year old male with a passion for website design, graphic design, and video games in general. Besides RPG Making, my other hobbies are playing around with Photoshop, reading, playing classical guitar, swimming, classical/symphonic/orchestra/new age music, animals and interacting with little kids. Currently I’m sharpening my skills over XHTML and CSS, with high hopes that I will soon be able to design websites that is accessable, according to official web standards, and has great design. I am most active in, perhaps you should check the site out. It’s always the season of awesomeness there. 🙂

Why a blog?

The main purpose of the creation of this development blog is to make it easier to organize and manage the updates and news that I may release to the public and besides, I sure could use more practice in blogging. Blogging IS an important skill to have in the internet.

Well that’s enough questions for now, be sure to be on the lookout for updates



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