RMVX Mine Mapping Tutorial


This tutorial will teach you how to map a mine, complete with screenshots.

Aye, Welcome to Leventhan’s mine mapping tutorial! Today we will be learning on how to map a MINE! Yay!
The first thing to know, is which tiles to use. Knowing is half the battle.

The Tiles

These tiles and some rock tiles are sufficient enough to make a full mine, and of course events that will be shown in the later screenshot.

Mapping Steps

First, make a rough sketch on how the mine would be using the cave wall and cave floor tiles. Try to always remember that nature is random and thus they are NOT STRAIGHT. Below is an example.

Be reminded that the above example is just a piece of a bigger map. You can choose your own map sizes, although big maps may cause lag on slower computers. We have to be thoughful for them, too!

Number Two, is to make the cave walls look as if someone has actually used the place as a mine. Time to use the planks! Note that this step is quite crucial on creating the mine atmosphere.

Next step, which is the most time-consuming is the construction / placement of the railways for mine carts. But of course, not every single part of the mine need to have them. This is shown just for an example how to do it. Besides, they look good and can be used for puzzles!

The last step, which is may be different between mappers are the finishing touches. Add rocks, piles of dirt and stone, dig marks, and basically anything to your maps to make it look and act better for your game. Events are also always an option, like lanterns and miners. Don’t add anything that will not fit into the map though, it can confuse the players and make it look weird.

And finally this is what I’ve come up with:

Notice I used a tint screen effect, mainly because the location of the mine now is near a magma pit.
Of course, a dark tint screen is also a good choice to add a dark underground effect. 

And that’s the end of the tutorial!

Well, I do hope that you learned something from this tutorial and be able to take some of my suggestions and ideas to make a hard-earned quality-made VX map rather than a simply crappy map. Maps are an important part in any game, all story and gameplay revolves in it.



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