RMVX Boulder Puzzle Tutorial

Boulder Puzzle Tutorial

Puzzles, one of the important aspects in a good rpg.

Ever seen those Zelda-ish puzzle that most rpgs have? Pushing a number of boulders aside to reach the next map? This simple tutorial will teach you how to make that sort of puzzle. It’s an easy thing to do, even for beginners.

First up, create the “Boulder” event. We will use the “Player Touch” trigger for this, though “Action Key” is fine too.
We want the boulder to move away from the player when the player pushes it, so make something like :

And that’s our “Boulder” event. Simple, no?

Next is, to copy and paste the “Boulder” event into other locations on the map, while making sure it is possible to make a path through. This is where your creativity plays in. So get going and make those puzzles!



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