Should you learn RGSS2?


What is Ruby / RGSS 2 ?

Ruby is freeware developed chiefly by Yukihiro Matsumoto, and its capabilities are more than sufficient to script a large-scale game. However, since it was originally conceived to be specialized in text handling and the like, it’s a challenge to develop a game using Ruby alone. That’s why RPGVX uses RGSS (the Ruby Game Scripting System) to adapt Ruby for use in game development.

Should I learn RGSS2?

It is a question that most of us have though about at least once, for beginners and expert RPG Makers alike. My answer is, no you do not need to learn RGSS2 to create a good RPG. Imagine a green plant.

In RPG Maker, the process of eventing, spriting, and the overall planning of a game promotes our little green plant to grow. It gets taller, it grows more leaves, and its roots becomes stronger. This represents to growth of our project, it slowly shapes into something more of a game. It may be slow, but eventually it will be there. The plant grew to be a big, strong tree – with countless numbers of leaves and gigantic roots.

Then there’s scripting. Our little green plant was given a special concoction, those mystery fertilizer not found in shops. It grew slower than the first plant, since the scripting process is taken into account – however after sometime it grew not just leaves but a blooming flower. That is the wonder of scripting. Innovative and Creativity at its best.

Do you have the determination to learn and master RGSS2?  Best of luck to all potential scripters.



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