RMVX Eventing : Quest Tutorial

Quest Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic quest with variables, complete with screenshots.


The first step you need to do is plan what quest it will be, is it connected with the game’s main story or is it a side quest? For this tutorial, I’ll have a soldier that needs a certain monster to be killed because of…whatever reason.

Eventing Steps

We need to make two things, the soldier event and the monster event that the player will encounter somewhere in the game. Let’s start with the soldier first.

Start by creating a new event, and assigning a sprite to it. Next use the display message and show choices commands to construct a conversation between the soldier and the player, telling the player about the monster and stuff. Then, you can use a show choice command to give the player freedom whether he wants to do it or not. (especially for side quests) Set a variable to be activated when the player accepts the quest.

On the next event page! Click the “New Event Page” button on top and like before assign a sprite. Set the conditional branch of the event so that it only runs after you accept the soldier’s quest. In this page is what the soldier will say to you if the quest is in progress (the player hasn’t completed)


Next, create another event anywhere you want the monster to be. We’re creating our monster event. As usual, assign a sprite to the event, a monster in this case. Remember to use the second event page, leave the first page of the monster event page blank so it does not appear when the player does not accept the quest. In this tutorial, I’ll make it to just stand there acting cool, and will speak some lines before battle.

Add display messages and a battle encounter event. Then, set the victory condition handler to add 1 to the variable of the quest. This is done to ensure that it does not loop. After that, create the third event page for when the monster has been defeated.

The last thing to make, is the page where the soldier gives us the quest rewards after we complete the quest. After that, you can make another event page for after the soldier gices the reward so it does not repeat itself.

And that’s the end of the tutorial, don’t forget to see the screenshots for reference, keep eventing, and I hope you learned something from this tutorial!



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