5 Useful RMVX Scripts you should use.

Five Useful RMVX Scripts

Below are suggestions of what scripts you should add to your project.

1.Kylock’s Light Effects

This is by far my favourite eye-candy script ever. Not only does it looks great in dark areas, it’s easy to use and has great usability too! Definitely worth a try.


2. KGC’s Test Play Accel

Testing your game everytime you need to check how your new events work is a pain. Repetitive and boring, it can demotivate you from continuing to work on the project. With this script, you can assign a keyboard key to accelerate the game speed and skipping messages. I use this for any project I have and I can’t imagine working without it. It’s a crucial script to have.

3. Neo Save System

Bored of the usual default save and load window? Then it’s a lucky day for you! The Neo Save System is an alternative save and load system that displays not only the default datas, but character faces, location, and the area where the save process is done.


The fog system is no longer available in RPG Maker VX, although the previous RPG Makers have them. It’s a good function to have, and it is expendable to a great extent.

5.Any antilag scipt

An anti-ag script, as it name implies reduces lag in a game and mantains FPS to some extent. It’s a good script to have in any project. Remember, lag in a game is a no-no.



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