Contribute an RMVX Tutorial!

Wanted : RMVX Tutorials

First chosen entry gets Two hours worth of Graphic – related services by Leventhan =)

Well, seeing the success of the TUTS chain of websites, for instance PSDTUTS, NETTUTS, and VECTORTUTS; I’m making an attempt to create RMVXTUTS, the site for “Spoonfed RPG Making Skills”. Currently it’s only me writing the tutorials, but I’m looking forward for quality tutorials from you and other sources as well. I’m willing to give a reward of graphic services to the first person who presents a quality entry on any part of RPG Making – eventing, mapping, etc.

Good Luck to everyone who wishes to participate and I hope I’ll receive a tutorial soon. Remember to write a quality tutorial and include screenshots where applicable. You can send it and contact me at




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