Music Jingle Puzzle Tutorial

Music Jingle Puzzle Tutorial

Puzzle by Zylos of                       Tutorial by Leventhan

This step-by-step tutorial will explain how to create a puzzle based on assembling musical notes into a music jingle through the use of simple events and switches.



Step 1

After creating a new map, decide the music jingle that will be used for the puzzle. How many types of notes does the player will be able to interact with? How many combinations of notes are possible? How long is the music jingle?

In this case, there will be 4 musical notes that will be used for the puzzle made in this tutorial and the music jingle consists of a total of 7 notes. The player must be able to recreate the jingle to solve this puzzle.


Step 2

The first event that we need to make is a music box that will play the music jingle if the action key is pressed. Use a chest / box sprite and event something like :

This event will serve as a guide for the player of what jingle the player needs to achieve to proceed to the next map.


Step 3

Next, we’ll need to create the music note switches! We’re using four in this tutorial, but I’ll just show one of the switches as an example.

How the events know if the notes are played in the correct order is through the use of variables and conditional branches, for example after the first correct note is played the variable “Jingle” is changed to 1 which means that so far the player has 1 correct. The event page of the switch the player have to press to get a correct second note will have a conditional branch IF VARIABLE “JINGLE” = 1 which if true will CHANGE THE VARIABLE “JINGLE” TO 2. This mean the player pressed the 2nd switch according to the correct sequence. And so on and so on….


Step 4

Alright so far? On to the last step!

The last event we’re going to make is the door/gate/roadblock event that will unblock or reveal a path after the music jingle puzzle is solved.

In the 1st page of the event, set the door sprite and just put a message if the puzzle has not been solved for instance “It’s locked” or “The door won’t budge”

The 2nd page of the door event is for when the puzzle is solved, the door dramatically opens and a path is open.

The 3rd page, you may leave as blank so the door does not keep reopening everytime the player enters or leaves that area. It’s up to you.


And that’s the end of the tutorial!



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