A Warp Event Based System.

A Warp Event Based System.

By Chris Ross (Aka, 2dgamestudio), created on 8/17/08

This system is made for a game where the player will be able to warp to towns they have visited, the only item they will need is a warp scroll. I hope you enjoy this system for two reason

1) It is a event based system so you don’t have to use a script to warp to towns.

2) It took me a couple days to make it work right, 🙂 enjoy.


Step 1 – Make A Common Event Called Warp System

Let make a new common event called warp system, do this by going to Database > Common Event > Name one of them “Warp System”. Once that is done make some new switches make one of these news switches called “Warp_System” and set it to ON. Then you can make switches for the towns in your game and have them set to OFF.


Step 2 – Make A New Map.

Lets make a new map where the player will be able to use the warp system. On that map make two new events. The first one will call the common event warp system, and turn on what ever town switch they are in on. Make this event parallel trigger so that it does it when the player enters the map.

Next the second event, the warp NPC. This NPC can be found in towns are outside dungeons are where ever you would like to have them, this npc will be the one who will allow the player to warp to different towns they have visted. As long as they have a item called “Warp Scroll”. So lets make a new item called “Warp Scroll”, do this by going to Database>Item.


Step 3 – Adding The Event Code to the Warper Npc.

Ok on the map you just made right click the NPC and add a new event to the list of event commands, the first one is going to be text event. Where you could have the warp NPC let the player know that they need a warp scroll to use this service.

After that make a new conditional branch have have it set to Warp_System == On. Then under that one make another conditional branch set to Warp scroll in Inventory. Once that is done you can have the warp npc ask the player where they would like to go with a choice option. The choice will be the names of the towns in your game, and only because we get 6 choices make choice 6 “More choices…” if you have more then 6 towns in your game.

Once a player makes a choice make a new conditional branch where it says WHEN [Name Of Town] and Conditional Branch set to the name of the town = ON. Under that conditional branch add a event transfer player to the town they choose, and then change items to -1 “Warp Scroll”. In the same Conditional Branch where it says Else, if they have not been to a town then have a text event say “Sorry but you have yet to visit this town”.

Npc picture cont.


And that’s the end of the tutorial! Comments are welcome!


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