Finishing a Game

Guide on how to actually FINISH a game.

Finishing a game, its way harder than it looks. Newbies may not have experienced how tough it is to continue a half-done project due to many factors, but those more experienced might be more familiar with this tough trial.


1. Limit playing games or other media

Exposure to too much games may heavily influence the plot and development of your game, as different themes in each games may contradict with each other and mess things up. Limit yourself from playing more than one or two games, besides you need to work on your games rather than play games.

Movies can also siginificantly affect the outcome of your game, especially movies that you like. For instance at first you planned to make a medieval rpg, but then you watched some awesome sci-fi movie with awesome special effects and story. After you finished watching it, wouldn’t you feelthe urge of making a sci-fi or futuristic rpg rather than a medieval one? That’s the problem. It can make you abandon an existing project and start anew, however it is not always a bad thing.

2. Make a draft/word file

The first rpg games I attempted (which I abandoned) was made on the fly, I simply made maps one by one, and then add events and stories to it without any “real” grasp of any main story or themes. The result? It was pretty fun making the game, but it turned out BAD. REALLY BAD.

Save yourself some trouble and make a simple word document or some kind of draft of how the story of your game will develop, the gameflow, features, credits list and all that. So sometime later when you need this info, you’ll have it just a few clicks away. Using a draft also prevents us from getting side-tracked, which needs to be avoided in order to finish a game.

3. Find motivation, play other demos

Let’s face it, there are a lot  of times when you don’t feel like developing your game. Inspiration problems, laziness, a dead end, et cetera. At these times, play demos and games that other people made – RPG Maker games. Look at it not in the viewpoint of a gamer, look at it in the viewpoint of a game developer. What makes it so special? What is the main theme of the game? What has the creator of the game done to achieve this? How can you use what you’ve found in this game in your own project?

4. Do not force yourself

Simply put, when you force yourself to work on your game it turns out bad. Work at your own pace, maintain quality and not quantity. People will then appreciate your game.

Haha, sorry I couldn’t update the site with decent tutorials so this what I’ve come up with…for now. Busy with schoolwork but look forward for some mapping tutorials in the weekend. =) Oh, and we’re looking for authors who would like to join the RMVXTUTS staff.



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