How to make a camping system.

Camping System

By Chris Ross – 2DGameStudio

Well this system is going to be a camping system, which will allow the player to rest on the world map if they have a item called “rest orb” in their inventory, you can make the item any item you want it could be a tent are a rest gem and so on. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Step 1 – Make a new common event called Camping.

Ok so the first step we are going to do is make a new common event by going to DataBase>CommonEvents. Once there make one called Camping, after you have done that go over to the list of event based command and add a new conditional branch and set it to, [Rest Orb] in inventory.


Once that is done make a new event under that which is a text event which ask them if they want to rest. If they say yes, then where it says [when yes] make a new event under, which is “FadeOut Screen” which will turn the screen black, then make a new event wait 60 frames, and then another event called “Play SE” and have it set to what ever sound effect you would like to have for the camping sound. Under “Play SE” make a new event and have it set to recover all and set that to entire party so it heals everone in the party.


Then make a new event wait 60 frames and then a new event to fadeinscreen, which will fade in the game play screen again. Then make a new event changeitems -1 restorb which will take away one rest orb from the player. Ok I know that was alot of events in order but lucky I have a screen shot to help you if you got lost in the process of reading it.


Step 2 – Make the world map 🙂

So now that the common event camping is made, we need a world map to have to be able to be called on.

Once you make the world map make a new event in the top right corner. In the List of event commands make a new conditional and have it set to The C Button is being pressed, under that call the common event Camping.


And that is it for step 2, below is a screen shot for your reference. Well that is the end of this tutorial I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


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