Recruiting a Team

Forming up a team, is it necessary?

The answer to that question is a definite “No” It is not necessary for one to hire other rpg makers and form a development team to produce a decent game. You have the ability to make one yourself without any teams.

Most recruitment topics in forums ends as the project is abandoned, mostly from contradicting ideas between story writers or working difficulties between team members.

Recruiting a Spriter

To recruit a spriter may be the most logical move to do compared to recruiting people for other positions. Even though there are character generators around the web, having a spriter on your side to do small edits, recolours, sprites, or even tilesets are incredibly helpful and graphically speaking, makes a good amount of difference. Since the graphical aspect of any game is highly paid attention to, spriters are an invaluable ally to have.

Recruiting a Mapper

Recruiting a mapper is not necessary. You’d better off finding someone to teach you mapping instead. One of the basic skills of an RPG Maker, mapping is easy to do once you get the hang of it. Look at other people’s maps and compare it with yours and if theirs look better, then you’d probably need to practice more.

Mapping skills doesn’t come easy, it comes with practice and experience. Make an effort and learn how to properly map if you have not done so.

Recruiting a Scripter

Recruiting a scripter is only okay if the scripter is a dedicated and able scripter, and you don’t ask for huge huge scripts for him/her to code. There are a lot of scripts out there made by “unemployed” scripters and it works fine for us, so why do we need a scripter?

Asking a bunch of complicated features will just hold your project back for a long period of time and eventually you’ll abandon that project. Not a smart move.

Recruiting an Eventer

Personally, I think that recruiting an eventer is the second most logical move among recruiting all other positions. Even though it’s also a basic skill that any rpg makers should be familiar with, complex event systems and mini-games or puzzles can sometimes be difficult and cubersome to make. This is the point where you may need a helping hand to assist you in making them.

Recruiting a Musician

Consider yourself lucky if you manage to have an original soundtrack for your entire game, as the work of a composer is not an easy one. Recruiting musicians are only acceptable to a certain extent, depending on the abilities of the musician and how fast and how many tracks can he create within a period of time. Too long and your project can be held back.

Again, it’s not an actual tutorial for rpg maker vx, but I hope this provides some insight and good views. Hope that this’ll help you make better decisions when forming up a team.



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