Space Station Mapping example [Exterior]

Space Station Mapping Example [Exterior]

This post serves as an example of how to properly create a futuristic-themed map. Useful for modern games, this short step-by-step tutorial mainly uses screenshots for reference. If you look closely enough, you can innovate your own techniques of mapping, like what I have done for this tutorial.

Step 1

Create a rough sketch on how the map will look like, remember to avoid any box-shaped maps, as it will look less appealing.

Step 2

Added details, objects and structures. Using stairs is an effective way to add depth to a map, improving to overall design of the map. It’s often forgotten, even though it’s an important tile.

Step 3

Added more details and events. In this step, I decided to enlarge the map to add another level below the existing level of the space station to add overall complexity and depth.

Adding waterfalls to the equation can significantly add more complexity and depth to the map, and makes it looks fancier. Besides, they look pretty nice.

Step 4

Test play it, see how it looks like. Here’s what mine looks like. I added a bluish tint screen and a starlit sky parallax background to give the outer space atmosphere. Using Kylock’s light effect script, I also added an ambient feel using lights.

And that’s the end of a short tutorial! Hope you learned something from this tutorial, especially on using your own creativity to use the tiles for many unintended uses.



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