Lock Picking Event Based System.

Locking Picking Event Based System – Created By Chris Ross

Well this system is going to allow the player to pick lock on, locked treasure chest and locked doors. It is a pretty simple system to make but adds a little extra to your game.

Step 1 – Make A New Skill Called Lock Picking.

To make a new skill, you have to go to database>Skills. Once in skills make a new skill called Lock Picking, and set the scope to none and the occasion to never. In the descerption of the skill you have it something like “Allows you to pick locks on doors and treasure chest.” Once that is done lets head to step 2.


Step 2 – Make A New Map.

Lets make a new map and added two events to this map, the first event will be a npc who will add the skill to LockingPicking to our hero skill menu and also set his varable LockPickingSkill to 1. So how do we do this first set the first event graphic to a npc person and then in the event of list command make a new text event. Which could say something along the lines of “So you want to learn the way of the thiefs?” I shall teach you how to pick locks. Then Add the skill LockPicking to the hero skill menu by making a Change Skill Event and add LockPicking. Then make a new varable and name it to Lock_Picking_SkillLV and set it to 1. Now lets make the second event on the page.

The second event is going to be a treasure chest event, Do not use the quick event maker, becasue you have to customize this event and it is easyer if you do it from scratch.

First Set the event graphic to a closed treasure chest, then in the list of event commands make a new varable called Treasure_ChestLV and set it to 1.

Once that is done make a new conditional event and have it set to treasure_chestlv1 == 1.

Once that is done make another Conditional event and have it set to Lock_Picking_SkillLV = 1.

and under that one more conditional branch and have it set to Hero [Lock Picking] Learned.

Once that is all done you now can add a new event play SE “Chest” 80, 100 which is the sound of a chest opening.

Once that is done make a new event and have it set move route and set it to this event. Then add Direction Fix Off, Turn Left, wait 3 fames, turn right, wait 3 frames.

Once that is done make a new event in the list of event command and have it as a Control self switch A and set it to On, Once that is done add another new event and have it as a text event that says you picked the lock on the treasure chest, and then add what ever was in the chest it could have been gold, items, weapons or armor. Once that is done make another event and add 1 to the varabel Lock_Picking_SkillLV  so that the player gains exp for open the treasure chest.

Step 3 – Make A New Event Page.

Make a new event page and in conditions set the self switch a = on and the event graphic to a open treausre chest.

Well this ends this tutorial, I hope you liked it and learned something from it. – Chris Ross, 2dgamestudio


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