Upcoming Tutorials

Welcome to RMVXTUTS, there’s going to be some cool upcoming tutorials that will be released either this week or the next, which include:

1. Leventhan’s Exclusive Mapping Techniques Tutorial

This mapping tutorial, exclusive to RMVXTUTS and unlike any other mapping tutorials will cover not only the basics but more advanced aspects of mapping and my personal techniques which I will share with numerous screenshots and step-by-step guide. Expect loads of mapping knowledge in this tutorial.

2. Box Puzzle Tutorial

The elusive box pushing puzzle and switch detection puzzle, ah…it seems simple but actually it’s a lot more complicated than you would think. Screenshots and demo included!

3. Mine Cart Action Tutorial

Whoa, Jump! This step-by-step mine cart eventing tutorial will cover how the mine cart puzzle works, complete with screenshots and a demo!

Any suggestions on what tutorials that you want to see on RMVXTUTS will be appreciated. On a side note, I’m very busy this week and the tutorials will still be coming out – in a slower pace however.



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