Cursed Equipment Event Based System

Cursed Equipment Event Based System –

created by 2D Game Studio – Chris Ross

This system will allow the player to equip a curse equipment, once that equipment is equipped it will give the player a status alignment it could be silence, poison, confusion, are you could even make your own. The only way the player will be able to lift the curse is that he sees a priest and pays to have the cursed lifted.

Step 1 – Make a your cursed equipment.

So for this I made a sword called Cursed Long Sword and set it attack power to 200, hey it is a cursed weapon it should be strong :). Once that is done go to the database and common event and make a new one called Curse System. Once that is done make a conditional branch and have it set to character equiped with cursed equipment. Once that is done make a new switch and set it to Cursed Equipment On. Under that make a new event Player + what ever state you would want to add.

Step 2 – Make a new map.

Lets make a new map and add some new events to it, the first event should be a event that calls the common event Curse System. I put my in the upper corner of the map, now lets add a treasure chest quick event, and a npc event.

Step 3 – The Npc Event.

This event will control most of the system, first let’s set the graphic to a npc that is like a priest, once that is done make a new event in the list of event commands and it could be text event and have it say something like “Hello young adventure are you in need of some of my servers?” The make a new choice event have it set to remove curse. Now where it says [Remove Curse] Add a conditional branch and have it set to conditional branch cursed equipment is == ON. Once that is done you will want to make a another conditional branch and have it set to player is cursed weapon equipped. Once that is done then you can add a text event saying something along the lines of “I see you are cursed, I can lift that curse for a fee of 500 gold.” Then make a choice selection event and have it set to yes are no.

Where it says when [Yes] conditional branch and have it set to gold 500 or more. Once that is done you can add a show animation event and have it set to what ever animation and have it show on the player, Then make a new event and make a recover all event and have it heal the hole party are just the once with the cursed equipment, then make a text event where the preist says, the curse has been lifted. Once that is done make a new event change weapons and remove the cursed long sword, aslo check the box so that it unequips it from the character equiped with it, now you can do one of two things here, you can remove the weapon for good are you make a new weapon with the same name and graphic but with out the cursed effect. I went with the Add the weapon with out the cursed effect, so to do this go to database and then weapon and make a new weapon with the same name and graphic and just name it LongSword with out the curse. Now back to the event add the new weapon to the player inventory with out the curse status. Next add another event where you take what ever status you had to the cursed equipment off by add a change state event and remove it.

Well that finish this tutorial, I hoped you enjoyed it and learned something from it. The demo link will be below.

Demo To Curse Equipment System –


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