Tip : Planning out Your Maps

Planning out Your Maps

Often when we map, we tend to just start mapping eventually only to find out how uneffective and unorganized your maps are. Planning beforehand is a solution to this.


When you spontanteously map, the end result could be either cluterred, disorganized, bland, or being revised constantly leaving you with less time working on new maps and areas. By making sure and planning out what you want to map on paper first, helps with deciding the shape, orientation, and overall positions of the maps.


You can make this “sketch” either in paper or any other media. Personally, I choose to draw simple shapes in my computer with Photoshop. Below is what I’ve made.

This simple sketch might not loo much, but it certainly gives me some rough guide on how the area will be.

You can put on the tiles you will use or even add some notes on the image like “Use Tint Screen”, “Use This BGM”, or other minor details in case you forgot. Having these things ensures you from getting side-tracked.



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