Skill Level Up, Event Based System!

Well today I bring you a great new tutorial, The Skill Level Up System. This system is made to increase the level of a skill when the player use a set skill a certain amount of times, once the player reaches the set amount times they used the skill it will Upgrade the skill which can increase damage are increase Healing. Well I hope you like this system.

Things you will need to know and use –

1 – Common Events

2 – Database editing

First Step – Make a new common event called Heal Skill.

To do this first go to Database and then common event, Name it Heal Skill and set it trigger to none. Once that is done make a new event in the list of event commands box and set it to. Control Variable and set it to “Heal Skill Exp +1” once that is done make a new event underneath that one which will be a conditional branch and have it set to Conditional Branch Variable Heal Skill exp == “10”. So what is going on up to here is that when the player Heal skill Level is equal to ten, it is going to add a new skill to the player menu. This skill can be Heal 2 are And kind of heal spell you would want to add. How do you add a new skill to the player skill menu after the heal skill level reaches lv 10. Simple under the conditional branch make a new event change skills and you can add the new skill you want to the player skill menu.

Second Step – Edit The Spell Heal

Once the common event is done, go to your data base and go to the heal spell. Once there go to the tab where it says common event and select the Common Event Heal Skill. What this does is that when ever the player uses the skill heal it will call the common event. Which is the bases of the System.

So that finish this tutorial, but I know you are thinking that is short, well yes and no this is just one skill in your game. This system is very customizable, I mean you can do many things with this system. The only thing is that it is going to use alot of common events in your game. But it is up to you on how deep you want this system to go. I hope you learned something for this event based system. 2D Game Studio


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