One-Man Projects

This post is an opinion of a fellow rpg maker on solo projects, it may be useful and interesting for some as recruitments often cause the downfall of a potential project. It’s here where one-man projects become an alternative for most of us.

Often we wonder whether we are able to finish that big ambitious project of ours, tempting us to form a team and recruit able (and unpaid) team members to help finish it. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, most of the time it leads to undesirable conflict and setbacks we’re better off without.

“Are one-man projects possible?”

Yes, they are possible to a certain extent. You may not be able to single-handedly finish that big ambitious rpg maker project, but it is possible to finish a smaller and shorter project by one’s own. It significantly helps if you are able in multiple aspects of game development such as in scripting, composing, graphic design, voice acting, et cetera. Since you’re the only one working on it, all abilities you possess helps.

“But I need help on *bleep* I can’t possibly do it alone! “

You are only working alone on the game, not isolating yourself from available help/feedback/resources available on forums and rpg maker sites. Of course you can ask for help! There is nothing wrong with that, as we all have our own strength and weaknessess. However, you have to make sure you and only you have the unencrypted version of your game.

It is your game after all, and you are responsible of everything in it. Story and gameplay.

“Whatever, I still want to have a team. We can work better and faster that way!”

First ask yourself the following questions : Can you be sure that everything will work well between all your team members? (if any) Will you really be able to manage the whole operation flawlessly? More importantly, why should anyone join YOUR team while they can join others and even make their own?

There is no easy way to answer the above questions and most attempts to answer them fail miserably.

In conclusion, One-Man Projects are possible and definitely worth a try.



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