Utilizing Audio Files

Have you ever been confused on the choice of music in your indoor maps? Or worried that the size of the audio files in your game are too enormous for most people to download? Well, here’s a small tip of mine :

Utilizing Audio Files

In the BGM section, you can see there are two adjustments available. They are Volume and Opacity. While most of us will leave this adjustments alone, they are a powerful tool to reduce the overall file size of the game.

A sound effect, for instance can be used on multiple occasions just by adjusting its Opacity to produce a whole new different sound! Some BGMs can be adjusted as well, but not all. This way, less sound effects are needed and even the default RTP SEs can be made into a whole new set of modified SEs!

Indoor BGM Illusion

Another *secret* trick is using a BGM on various volumes. For instance a village uses a certain BGM, you can use the same BGM for indoor maps in the same village but it seems odd to use the same BGM. Reducing the volume of the BGM for indoor maps creates an illusion for the player that they really have gone inside, away from all the commotion outside.

And that’s the end of the mini-tutorial!



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