Motivational Drive, How to keep going.

Find your Motivation!

Well alot of time all of us have things to do such as school, work and maybe both school and work. How do you find time to keep working on your game?

I myself do something along the lines of setting certain times to work on my projects a week. So for instance, this week I have taken 5 hours to work on some of my projects and 5 hours for my video game projects. So that is ten hours out of the whole week, might not seem like a lot but when you do this you will find out that it helps keep you motivated to keep going and not give up on your project.

So if you want to do something like this take a notepad and set time for your projects in it, a good goal would be something like an hour and a half for you to work on your project per day. But it should be something achieveable and rich in content, use the time you have wisely. I hope you like this little bit of advice.

– Chris Ross/2dgamestudio.


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