RMVXTUTS is an RPG Maker blog dedicated to RPG Maker VX tutorials, tips, and resources. We are currently still considered to be a new blog and perhaps not that many people know of the existence of this blog, but we try to be the best RPG Maker VX Tutorial blog on the web!


RMVXTUTS was launched at the 7th ouf August 2008. It was originally planned to be the development blog of Leventhan’s RMVX game “Project Leviathan” but the idea RMVXTUTS just won in the end.

The Staff

The current managing staff of RMVXTUTS are:

– Leventhan (that’s me -who does most of the work here-)

– 2DGameStudio/Chris Ross (nice guy)

We are currently looking for more authors that is able to write some quality mapping or eventing tutorials regularly to keep the blog going. If we have more authors then we’ll be able to update the blog more frequently. Have a tutorial you wish to submit? Contact me at my email : leventhanr@hotmail.com

Raison d’ etre

With the release of the latest RPG Maker – RPG Maker VX – the demand for both basic and advanced RPG Maker VX tutorials for both newbies and experts are high and definitely increasing. Searching for it with Google would be cumbersome and any tutorials found would be something you didn’t search for. This reason was the basis of the creation of RMVXTUTS.

Join us in the world of rpg maker, contribute a tutorial!ch_7480_1


  1. This is what i was looking For . . . . . . . .

    And now i got it . . . . . .

    Please make many Tutorial especially for newbie like me.

    Oh yeah can u add some of your battle system Script?

    like side view?

  2. I’m not much of a scripter, but there’s alrady a number of side-view battle system script out there, so try googling it.

    Usually you can find some good scripts at rpgmakervx.net or rpgrevolution.com.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. Many thanks to you, guys, that is what i’m looking for so far… Excelent tutorials, especially i like tuts about puzzles. There is maybe not so much comments, but i’m sure there is many people that very glad to you for your work – they just a bit lazy to post comments ^_^

    I see that there is no updates for two monts now – hope you not abandoned you project at all 😦 Like says russians – better late than never. Cheer up and keep going anytime you want or get more free time 😉

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